Apple Pay Online Casinos

With the high demand for different forms of payment options in the gaming industry, consumers look for alternative methods of payment that are faster and offer high levels of security and privacy. Apple Pay is a new method of payment, created by well-known technology company, Apple. Apple Pay established its roots in the online gambling industry and has become a standard form of payment in many of the online casinos. Although new, Apple Pay is accepted in over 50 online casinos and an array of other companies that have begun accepting this method of payment. Apple Pay is fast, secure and reliable, and is a respectable alternative for other traditional depositing and paying methods. Its only negative is in withdrawing money in cash form. In this article, we take a look at the Apple Pay online casinos accepting Apple Pay as a form of payment.

Apple Pay grew popular in the online gaming and gambling industry for those individuals who have Apple software and computers. It was meant as a safe and secure payment method for those with an Apple computer. However, it has grown sizeably and is available as an alternative method for many websites and stores worldwide. If this payment method is offered by your favorite casino website, you should consider using Apple Pay for the number one reason for safe and secure payments. With Apple Pay, your credit or debit card information is always private because it’s not provided to any retailer or company accepting payment. If you lose your Apple Pay-enabled device, you can quickly shut off the payment service. It has been designed to work anywhere with your iPhone or Apple Watch. As more companies join in the collaboration of international companies accepting Apple Pay, your safe use of this product is Apple’s primary goal.

What is Apple Pay?

In October 2014, the technology giant, Apple, released its own form of payment to compete with other traditional forms of payments, dubbing it the “easiest way to send and receive money”. Apple Pay delivers safe, private and fast payments which have defined its success through the years. The contact payment technology allows you to easily set up your payment method by adding either your credit card, debit or prepaid card to any of your Apple devices; iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac. Apple Pay is supported in twenty-one European countries and other regions around the world. There are constant updates and features introduced annually to improve the core functionality of the payment method which increases its ease of use. With Apple Pay’s growth, the company has witnessed Apple Pay online casinos growing steadily, offering this form of alternative payments. Apple Pay works in any place that accepts contactless payments like online slots or stores.

Currently, Apple Pay is incorporated into over a million online stores across the world including online and offline services. To use Apple Pay, simply search for the Apple Pay image on the deposit/payment page and you’re ready to make your first transaction. In many countries, consumers will be able to use the convenience of Apple Pay in a lot of the currently operating online slots. For you to use Apple Pay, you need to set up Apple’s Wallet app, by storing your credit card or debit cards information through the Apple Pay system. Apple Pay pulls this data to pay for goods. Usually, your bank verifies this information. You may need to provide additional verification which can mean you have to phone your bank. After your card is verified, tap Next, and then you can start using Apple Pay. The process is easy to install and setup.

How Does Apple Pay Work?

How does Apple Pay really function? For the players that are interested in understanding the fundamental technology behind Apple Pay, this article will provide further in-depth information on how the system works. In stores, your phone uses its technology of NFC to safely and effectively communicate with the retailer’s card. NFC is similar to Bluetooth, but it only works at very short distances (about 21 cm). Your card’s details are privately stored from the merchants or websites by replacing your card number with a token device account number. Apple Pay uses the EMV Payment Tokenization Specification whenever you make a purchase, which means it is using the same established technology used to protects the chip on your plastic or contactless card. This safety feature has been the highest selling point of the Apple Pay online casinos with emphasis laid on not only the speed but security.

Apple Pay is another innovative step from Apple; the kind of innovation we are accustomed to from the geniuses behind the tech company. A consumer’s banking information is considered private and is never disclosed. Usually, the online site is charged a minute commission when accepting your payment. But as the way we pay for services continues to evolve, the old ways of banking are slowly fading. Modernization and automation have seen the death of guaranteed cards and checks. Now fewer people are using cash for the smallest purchases. With one swipe or finger tap on your mobile phone you can easily take care of all your financial needs. Furthermore, your phone number is kept private, and there are no artificial additional spending limits. Finally, and best of all: Apple Pay charges you no fees, and offers hassle-free currency exchange. With Apple Pay, transaction charges are a thing of the past.

History of Apple Pay

Apple Pay has a short history with its beginnings in 2013. Overcoming some initial obstacles, Apple Pay quickly began acquiring some startups, hired executives and filed patents related to payments. Apple also partnered with major partners like American Express, Master Card and Visa. It was finally released to the public on September 9, 2014, by Tim Cook to the world with a great promise of speed, comfort, and security. Initially, it was limited to use by companies issuing American issued bank cards, but with time it was released in the United Kingdom, Canada, and China in late 2015 and early 2016. Slowly, Apple Pay has grown across multiple industries, and it is now an elite form of payment in the gambling industry, with newer Apple Pay online casinos springing up every year. This trend will only increase in 2019, with more online slots offering this payment mode.

On May 10, 2016, Apple Pay expanded its service in Canada supporting four major banks. On June 13, 2016, Apple Pay entered three new markets; France, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. On that same day, in Germany, there was a launch of the German Public Savings Banks Association (DSGV / Sparkasse), with the largest share of consumer banking been in Germany. The DSGV also announced that it is seeking to gain access to the NFC chip in iPhones for their own payment solution. Apple Pay has also seen more usage in the online slot industry with new online slots emerging with that payment option. There was actually an increase in the number of online slots accepting Apple Pay as a form of payment last year compared to other online, available slots. This is a positive sign for the financial and banking industry with the need for better technology to tackle the new security problems emerging.

How to Register for Apple Pay

Registering for Apple Pay is simple and well-designed. To register for Apple Pay, you have to ensure that you’re in a supported region. To set it up you need the following: an Apple device, an updated iOS, a supporting card and an Apple ID signed into iCloud. You can add additional cards to Apple Pay, but this has to be done by adding it to a new device. A maximum of twelve cards can be added on the new devices. The first step is adding a card to your online wallet by verifying your information with your chosen bank. After your bank or card issuer verifies your details, you tap Next. Then you can start using Apple Pay. There is a video guide created by Apple that easily guides you through this process. There is a slight difference when setting up your Apple Pay on other devices. The ease in setup makes this a desirable choice in Apple Pay online casinos.

Each individual transaction additionally generates a unique dynamic protection code, meaning that your card information is not stored on any of the Apple servers. Paying a bill with Apple Pay provides optimum protection; none of your information is shared via Apple with online merchants and casinos. For convenience, your Apple Pay maximum current purchases are stored to your Apple pockets and wallet. For those individuals who frequently check their banking balances, having Apple Pay available through your phone offers a superior way to check balances while providing an extra layer of security. For people with a budget who like to use Apple Pay for their online purchases and casino play, being able to easily check your balances is a superior choice. Moreover, Apple Pay doesn’t even keep transaction information that may be tied back to you which improves the overall security offered by the payment platform.

  1. First, you need a compatible iOS device to use Apple Pay
  2. If your Mac is running MacOS Sierra or High Sierra and above, you can also easily make payments through your Macbook
  3. Face ID/Touch Id: our transactions are always secure because you have to confirm payment with Face ID/Touch Id.
  4. Help and Support
  5. You can easily get help and support by contacting the official Apple Support when having problems with transactions.
  6. Register multiple debit cards;
  7. You can register more than one credit or debit card with Apple Pay; however, the default card will immediately display when paying for purchases


Currently, this form of payment is really fresh and novel. Apple only launched this service in October 2014, and online casino operators are adding this form of payment as the chosen implement to use. Everyday Apple Pay becomes more popular due to how easy it is to operate. The fact that the iPhone and iPad are two of the most popular mobile devices in the world also will boost this method of payment over the next few years. Apple Pay can be expected to grow with the millions of iOS devices in circulation. Apple Pay is easily the fastest and convenient payment methods in the financial industry and with other features like two layers of security. The fact that you can also use Apple Pay on the Mac via the web or Touch ID if you have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar makes an interesting case for the new Apple Pay online casinos.


Can I Withdraw Funds from my Apple Pay account?

No, the major downsides to this booming technology from Apple is the difficulty associated with receiving your gambling earnings and winnings on your Apple pay account. After a couple rounds of playing and winning, everyone is usually interested in withdrawing their profits. Presently, the option to withdraw is not possible. So, even though you can use Apple Pay for depositing transactions, you still have to set up another form of payment such as a debit card, credit card or other methods for withdrawing and receiving funds. This can be a major hassle for some people and a determining factor for many. This feature might be added later in the future, but presently there is no strong source or indication anything is being done to alter this small hassle. Apple Pay is definitely a growing technology which will improve and hopefully will include withdrawal options in the nearest future.

How do I deposit with Apple Pay?

Using Apple Pay to deposit funds for game play is super easy, and it can be done with just a few clicks of your smartphone. All you have to do is access your favorite bookmaker on your phone – either via the online browser version or the mobile app. After that, take a look to find Apple Pay as a method of deposit. Once you have created Apple Pay as a preferred deposit method, easy adjustments of money can be given to the online bookmaker. Once you have verified your Touch-ID bank account, everything else is handled for you. It is really that simple and fast. The two layers of security also mean that the merchant receiving the payment never gets your bank details. There are lots of online resources and videos explaining how to set up Apple Pay and use Apple Pay as a form of deposit.

Are there any extra charges?

No. When using Apple Pay, you never have to worry about little annoying extra charges. Fortunately, there are no extra charges associated with this form of payment. Most online casinos accepting this form of payment for deposits don’t include an additional fee. Apple Pay is as reliable as any other traditional form of payment e.g credit or debit cards. Also, Apple Pay doesn’t charge for using Apply Pay as a form of payment. Your transaction is still fast and swift. This is the major advantages of using Apple Pay as a form of payment. Apple Pay doesn’t charge you a monthly or annual service fee; the service is totally free and simple to use. The new Apple Pay cash also helps you avoid the 3% transaction card fee which can be a hassle sometimes. Any transaction you make through Apple Pay for the online slots game is definitely free.

Is Apple Pay Safe?

Fewer alternative payment methods can claim as notable a collection of security features and measures as Apple Pay. First, Apple Pay gives the same kind of security as using an e-wallet, in that it prevents users from having to disclose any financial details to the online casino businesses to which they are paying. Secondly, all transactions generate a transaction ID and unique device number to protect user’s private details more efficiently and securely. Beyond all this, Apple Pay transactions will always be authenticated by the unique Apple’s Touch ID or Face ID. Face ID, a unique feature provided by Apple, is a visual recognition system id featured on their new devices which ensures that only you can authorize this transaction by just looking at the your phone. Finally, Apple Pay also doesn’t store any of your transaction information that can be traced back to the individual users.

Who are Apple Pay’s competitors?

As a virtually brand new method of payment, Apple Pay is still very similar to e-wallet services such as Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal. The major difference is of course the use of an Apple device and its Touch/Face ID system to authenticate transactions. While other forms of payment do not offer the amount of security Apple Pay does, the mentioned e-wallet alternatives do have some advantages over Apple Pay. There are more common options in the Online slot industry with some companies opting to accept options like Skrill, PayPal, credit or debit cards. The advantage these payment methods have over Apple Pay is widely acceptability and familiarity with these alternative payment methods which have resulted from a wide use by almost all the online slots. Honestly, they might only be a better option than Apple Pay because you have more online slots offering those alternative payment methods.

Is the casino’s welcome bonus available if I fund my account using Apple Pay?

Yes, you’re still eligible to receive a casino’s welcome bonus when you deposit with Apple Pay. Make sure you read up on the casino’s bonus rules and requirements. Most times, receiving bonuses is not a function of the payment method but more dependent on how much you deposit the first time you open an account. Using Apple Pay as a form of payment won’t and shouldn’t hinder your chances of receiving the welcome bonus offered by most companies. All Apple Pay online casinos still offer you the welcome bonus with some even offering you additional bonuses when Apple Pay is used. The online slot industry is extremely interested in encouraging the use of Apple Pay, and you will most likely never find any casino offering deposit bonuses through variations of the known traditional modes of payment. Apple Pay online casinos are growing and are defining a new era of online payment.