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Welcome to Live Casino India, India’s most trusted and enjoyed online gambling portal with real money and experiences.  With the advancement of technology, getting things at your hand without having to live the comfort of your home is getting easier. Whether it has a positive or negative impact is a different issue, but it sure has resulted in an increase in live dealer casinos. Almost all popular and new online casinos have a live dealer casino these days, with at least some variations of the classic table games available for play. The live casino gives you the feel of a real casino where you can play and interact with a real professional dealer. Find the best live casinos in India 2021.

Best Live Casinos in India 2021

ALL CASINOS ARE: SECURE LICENSED AD DISCLOSUREAt, we are constantly aiding players in locating the best platforms for gambling online. First and foremost, security and fairness are the biggest priority, with all of our casino reviews being based on our unbiased experiences. Our experts also look into important terms and conditions surrounding casino bonuses. We do receive commission from certain casinos, which may impact upon where they rank in our lists, however we will never recommend an operator we do not rate highly. We cover a large number of online casinos, with many of the best casinos accepting UK-based players being found on our site.
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Best Live Casino Games In India.

There are different types of casino games available on the live casino category, but there is definitely a pattern, as we the most popular ones available on almost all the top casino sites. Here are some different live dealer games, discussed in details.

Live Roulette

This is one of the most popular casino staples so of course, it is available on many live casinos. There are plenty of variations available for this game, as well as tables with different bet limits. The classic variations include the American, European and French roulettes, whereas there is an abundance of modern roulette variants up for playing as well. The bets can go as high as £500,000, or as low as 10p, so this is really a game for everyone.

Live Blackjack

Another super popular casino game, live blackjack is also available on most casino’s live dealer category. There are many interesting variants of blackjack available online, with some variants being Surrender, Switch, and Pontoon. But the live dealer casinos only have the classic variation of this game available in most cases. Some casinos do offer side bets, which adds an extra something to the game.

Same as live roulette, the limits on the live blackjack tables are also much higher than the regular section. The maximum can go as far as £10,000, whereas the minimum is around £1 in some, and £10 in most. One of the popular blackjack variants available on the live dealer casinos is the Blackjack Party. This variant has a party style theme with a low stake option, which is why it is very popular.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is considered one of the classic three, along with Roulette and Blackjack, so of course, it is also available on the live dealer casinos. The game is not as popular compared to the other two though, which is why this one generally has a lesser number of tables available. The live dealer casinos have only one variant of Baccarat on offer, which is the Punto Bunco. Many live dealer casinos let you place the side bets, with wagers on the big and small cards, as well as on pairs.

The lowest bets for live baccarat is £1, but some operators place the minimum at £10. The maximum can go up to as high as £10,000, so high rollers can also take part in this game.

Live Casino Hold’em Poker

This popular poker game has also made its way to most live dealer casinos. This version is a variant of the Texas Hold’em Poker. The players here compete against each other, instead of the dealer. The live version is the same as the regular version. An unlimited number of players can play this game at once.

Live Three Card Poker

This version of poker is relatively new as it was only invented in 1994. But within this short time, it has gained enough momentum to be part of many live dealer casinos. Unlike the other poker games, Three Card Poker is played with 3 cards, rather than 5. The three cards compete with the dealer’s three hand card, as there are no community cards.

Live Sic Bo

This is the only dice game available on the live dealer casinos. The game has a board, where you can place the bets, and you are given three dices to play with. The board is similar to roulette, as you can place different bets with different payouts. Two mostly used bets are small and big. Players can bet on what the total sum of the three dices will come out to be, either on the small, which is 4-10, or large, which is 11-17. You can also place bets on the possible total sum of the dices, or the combo of numbers and other ways.

Playing the Live Dealer Games

Playing the live dealer games is easy, as long as you know how to play the individual games hosted by the dealers. But before you start anything, you will need to have an account. In most cases, you will need to have an email address, a phone number, your home address and the currency you prefer.

Now that you have your account, you should know how to play against the live dealers. You need to understand that in the live dealer casinos, the live dealers are your main point of contact. So for any queries, you need to reach out to them via typing it into the chat window. The live dealer will answer you verbally. The dealer will do all the work for you, such as drawing and playing the cards from the shoe.

The set you will be in will most likely be physical, but there are some live dealer casinos which use computer-generated backgrounds. No matter the setting, it is made to give you the feel and vibe of a real brick-and-mortar casino. The live dealers are generally female, but there are a good number of male live dealers as well. They are generally friendly and approachable, so don’t hesitate to speak out when necessary.

Live Casino Strategy

There is no particular strategy for the live dealer games only. Of course, the individual games come with their own set of strategies, but that is it. All you can do is do your research in finding out a good live dealer casino, then sign up and try out the available live games.

The live dealer casino you choose to play at will largely depend on your location. You can also do your research online to see which one is offering the best bonuses. But most live dealer casinos generally don’t offer anything for the live section. Also, you need to play with real money here as there are no such things as free play or demo version in the live dealer casinos.

Live Casino Games Glossary

  • Bankroll: The amount of money you are willing to bet on in a session.
  • Betting Limits: The maximum and minimum amount you can bet on at a specific table.
  • Broadband Internet Connection: A must-have for all live casino players as this will make the streaming run smoothly.
  • Cashier: A tab which you can click on to make deposits into your account, and also request to withdraw the winnings.
  • Chat: The way you communicate with the live dealer. The most common form of chatting is done via a VOIP mic, but you can also chat with the live dealer via text.
  • Chips: These are tokens which stand as the money of the player.
  • High-roller: A player with a large bankroll.
  • Leaderboard: A list of winners for a race or game promotion within a timeframe.
  • Live Casino Games: Games you play within the comfort of your home via a screen with or against a live dealer. The live dealer will proceed according to your instructions.
  • Live Dealer: A professional dealer who manages the live games for you from a remote location, depending on your instructions.
  • Streaming Video: Technology which lets live dealer casinos to operate with high-quality video feed and sound effects with graphics.

Live Casino India Bankroll Management

Since live dealer casino games are played only with real money, it can get real easy to get carried away. But it is important that you know your limits and does some bankroll management.

Start Small

You can only be successful in the live dealer casinos if you aim for small wins. If you make a small bet and lose, you will not get that much of a dent in your bankroll. You will still have many more opportunities to continue playing.

To do so, look for games with the lowest house edges. This is good news for live game players as games like baccarat and blackjack offers some of the lowest house edges. You need to play with patience here and build up your win with smaller wins and lots of patience.

Set a Limit for the Both Money and Time

And learn to walk away as soon as you reach any of them. so for example, let’s say you set up a limit of £500 and 2 hours. This means you need to leave when you either hit the 0 on the money, or your 2 hours are up. Setting a limit for both the time and money like so will help you walk away without losing too much on both fronts.

Take Regular Breaks

This means you will have a better grasp of your emotions. Take breaks frequently to keep yourself in check, no matter if you are winning or losing.

Avoid Using the ATM and Lines of Credit

Steer clear of things which are a slip of paper and not hard cash. It is easy to not take a slip of paper seriously and start gambling recklessly. Also, stay away from ATMs as you might feel tempted to run to the nearest one as soon as you hit your bankroll limit.

Live Dealer Games Jackpots

Same as the regular casino games, live dealer casinos also offer numerous progressive jackpots. If you know your games and can play strategically, there is no reason why you can’t win a big amount on one of the jackpots. Make sure you do your research and learn about the terms and conditions for winning the jackpot in your preferred live dealer casino site.

Live Casinos India – FAQs

How do I know if the live dealer casino is safe?

First and foremost, check if the live dealer casino has licenses from the online gambling authorities. These authorities only give out licenses to the proper casinos, so this is a clear proof that a casino is safe.

Who makes the live casino software?

The live dealer software used for most live dealer casinos are developed by multiple operators. Some common names are Evolution Gaming, Microgaming and Playtech.

How do I start?

If you are completely new, consider watching the table games for free. Once you sign up with an account, go to the live dealer section and check out the lobby area to get accustomed. You can click on the settings here to see how each of them works.

Live Casino Tips and Tricks

Check Your Internet Connection

It is absolutely necessary that you have a good broadband connection. Getting a buffering stream will completely ruin your experience for live dealer casinos.

Bet Responsibly

This means that you should only bet what you can afford. Don’t use the rent money in the hopes of doubling it, that doesn’t happen in real life, at least not in most cases.

Don’t Chase Your Losses

Chasing them will drain you out real soon. Never do that.

Know When to Step Away

Once you have reached your limits, leave. You will not win always, learn to walk away from the losses.

Know Live Dealer Casinos Etiquettes

Talk to the live dealers like you would in a real setting, with proper etiquette. There is no room for abuse or disruption in either online or offline.

Have Fun

And most importantly, remember to do this. You are playing in the live dealer casino to have fun and enjoy your time, not to spend an hour with worry.

Live Casinos India in Conclusion

Live dealer casinos are one of the best ways to take advantage of the internet and play with live dealers online. The classic casino games are available on the live dealer casinos, and they overall provide you with a fun atmosphere of the real-life setting. Live dealer casinos are worth your time if you know the basic ways to play the classic casino staples.

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