Microgaming Casinos

MicrogamingThe rise of the internet has revolutionized many industries over the past decades, and the casino and gambling industry has also come a long way ever since. Online casinos started to rise and take the industry by storm, providing an easy and fun way for gamblers to gamble from the comfort of their homes using the internet.

One of the early players in this field was the software development company Microgaming. Microgaming was one of the leading gambling companies of the Isle of Man and is credited to being one of the first online casinos in the world. However, their casino days did not last for that long. Microgaming realized that they can earn money by licensing the software to another online casino. Therefore, the company has moved to the online casino software industry. They have since launched hundreds of other games. Microgaming, however, do not offer games to players directly themselves. Rather they license the games to another online casino for a fee and was the record holder for the largest payouts.

They are perhaps most known for their linked progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot is a payout that cumulates and keeps increasing as more games are played. These jackpots increase at a certain pre-determined rate. When the jackpot is won, the jackpot resets and starts all over again. With such a huge prize to be won, it attracted many players and got hundreds of casinos involved. Microgaming had the early market advantage since they were the first to initiate this feature. This allowed them to gain a strong foothold in the market and were therefore able to get so many casinos aboard.

Best Microgaming Casinos

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Microgaming’s Poker Network

Microgaming has also broadened its portfolio to include a poker network. Originally the network was called Prima Poker or Microgaming Poker Network. The business model for the network is also the same as the online casino games – rather than selling it directly to the players, Microgaming licenses it to other casinos who then in turn deal directly with the players.

One of the best features of the internet is that as long you are online and running, people from all over the world can visit your site or use your products. To reach out to a wider audience, Microgaming offers the network in many languages and all of them can be used at the table. The network was later renamed to Microgaming Poker Network (MPN). So players of all ethnic backgrounds, speaking many different languages can enjoy the high-quality games and participate in the network.

MPN currently holds 30 poker rooms. They do not sign the players themselves however, their customers who license the games from Microgaming deal with the players directly.

Microgaming boasts few of the following points regarding their poker network:

They host one of the highest stake games online

One way to gain recognition is to create an awe in the people. High stakes gambling events and being able to be somehow connected to them will give any company much needed recognition and credibility. Microgaming is not only connected to one of the highest stakes online poker games, they actually host them. Where in 2006, the world’s largest online pot at that time was on MPN.

Completely redesigning their software

Online gambling and casinos are certainly one of the most competitive industries. And even though Microgaming might have a good foothold but if it fails to bring in changes and innovation, the risk of being driven out by competition is highly probable. Acknowledging this Microgaming revamped its software completely in 2007 bringing in unique features and exciting updates!

Mobile Casino

Nowadays everyone owns a smartphone. Chances are you’re on your mobile phone right now! There are roughly 2 billion smartphone users, which is a huge market ready for capture. Microgaming did just that and was the first to thus launch the first mobile poker in the year 2011.

Rewarding existing players who bring in new players

Microgaming has always been loyal to its players and customers. They offer certain rewards to players and customers who are able to bring in new players to the platforms.

In addition to this, Microgaming was also the first to introduce truly anonymous tables, thus making player tracker software utterly useless, along with a full-fledged achievement system. The MPN has received numerous awards since the time of its inception and there is no end in sight. It won EGR’s respected ‘Poker Network of The Year’ twice and also ‘Poker Software the Year’ for subsequent 4 years from 2013 to 2016.

The MPN classifies itself as an autocracy. The poker rooms have a substantial power over what happens and where. Decisions are taken by the Network Management Board (NMB) and any operator can qualify for the NMB by submitting proposals to the NMB to see if they qualify or not. They also hire experts from outer sources when consultancy and professional outlook is needed, regularly scheduled thrice a year.

Microgaming Innovations

3D and Virtual Reality (VR)

Microgaming’s continuous stride to bring about new technologies and innovation to the market has kept it at the top of what they do. One such product was 3D and virtual reality. 3D visuals and VR gaming attract the player and entice them to keep on playing. Making the game designs appealing to the eye and intuitive can also make players who have never really gambled before try it out and potentially convert them into returning players.

The fluidity of the games

With the advancement of computer technology and processing power, games nowadays have improved greatly. Microgaming has fully embraced this and made their games optimized and faster. This leads to the players having a better and fluid experience with the software that they provide.

Microgaming on a Scale


Largest collection of games in the industry

Microgaming undoubtedly has the largest portfolio in the industry. With so many different types of games and new ones being added every month, there is a game for everybody!

Player safety

Microgaming has earned the trust of its casino partners and players alike by caring for the player’s safety. Making sure the games and online interaction of every player with their software is always safe and fraud-free.

Great bonuses and free spins

Microgaming gets its player to come back for more by offering generous bonuses and free spins. Easily encouraging players to come on for seconds.

Frequent releases of new games

Microgaming is committed to releasing 2-4 new games each month. Keeping the offering fresh and new. Players visit over and over and again and find something new to play and explore


Not many 3D games yet

Although Microgaming has been making strides in creating beautiful and engaging 3d games., there are not just simply that many options and titles as of yet.

Limited live dealer games

Most of the games by Microgaming are software based and not real time with live dealer games. Real-time live dealers games bring a new dimension of engagement for the players which Microgaming does not offer much of as of now.

Popular Microgaming titles

Terminator 2

Based on the popular Hollywood action movie, this is one of the popular slot titles in Microgaming’s portfolio. There are 243 ways players can win at the game, leaving players with a number of strategies ways they can win. The games offer free spins and also a special T-800 ‘vision function’.

Jurassic Park

The games combine the famous movie named the same, with gambling, giving players a fun and light experience.  A T-Rex will give players different characteristics and multipliers and reels and players play based off of that.

Best Microgaming Slots
Game of Thrones
Jurassic World
Tiki Vikings
Poke the Guy
Village People Macho Moves
The Phantom of the Opera
Playboy Gold
Astro Pug


The advanced features and the sheer number and quality of games have put in the top of the online casino software scene. In addition to making great innovation in the online casino market, Microgaming has also been actively working in humanitarian fields by ensuring fair play is enforced and rehabilitating people with unhealthy gambling habits and help prevent the quality of life for these players. All these efforts combined, Microgaming is reputed to provide the best online casino experience to everyone!

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7.7/10 £200 +200 Extra Spins T&C Apply +18
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