No Deposit Bonus

BonusEverything is online these days and this means online betting and gambling too. Thousand of online casinos and betting portals are popping up to take a bite out of this pie. But how do all the different casinos out there attract players to their particular site? The answer is, through one of the best luring strategies called ‘No Deposit Bonuses’.

No Deposit Bonuses is a sum of money/credit that is given to every user upon creation of their account. You do not have to pay a single dime of anything to receive this. It acts as an incentive for the player to start playing.

Best Online Casinos with No Deposit Bonuses

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Most of the time players are intrigued by the flashy design and the bright lights of the casinos. They end up signing up and playing immediately. And if they lose, they feel looted and think it was all a mistake. Since this amount is given to players for free at the start, players can start looking around the site and try out new games without having to feel like they are using money from their pockets. This tactic is used by almost all online casino or gambling portals as an incentive to encourage players to play.

If someone wins actual cash by gambling his or her No Deposit Bonus account after playing a few real games he or she gets to keep the money. However, the key here is they have to actually play and win on them a minimum number of times. Only then are they allowed to take their winnings. This gives players a sensation that they put nothing on a wager for their first time and won. This encouraging them to maybe come back later, only this time they have to wager their own money.

How are the casinos benefiting?

You might think to yourself how the casinos are not losing money left, right and center if they are giving out money/credits for free. The caveat is that it is not exactly ‘free money’. To prevent players just opening up new accounts and bailing with the cash given, casinos do not actually let you withdraw that right away. You are only allowed to withdraw after you have played a few games and won something for your own.

Casinos set a ‘minimum waging requirement’ but different casinos may have other terms for it. By the name itself you may be able to guess that it is a minimum limit set on how many games you have to play to become eligible to withdraw cash from your winnings. This helps the casino to ensure that there are no chances of fraudulent activities and players are actually playing and also spending money on the casino before becoming eligible to withdraw.

In short, this practice can help online casinos greatly. The no deposit bonus makes the casino more approachable because players feel they have nothing to lose in the early stages and everything to gain, therefore attracting more players on the go. Also, the casino itself does not have anything to lose, as players too cannot outright withdraw their “No Deposit Bonuses” without actually playing a few games.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

AnnaCasino No Deposit Bonus
No Deposit Bonus AT AnnaCasino

No Deposit Bonuses usually come in different forms that vary with casino to casino. Typically, they are of the following types:

  • Bonus Cash: An amount of cash that is given to the players so they can start playing and betting on games. Players do not have to deposit anything from their own pockets at first which encourages them even further, minimizing fear of loss especially for beginners.
  • Extra Spins: Free spin bonuses are usually tied to a specific game. These spin bonuses can either be standalone bonuses, meaning they are given right away when a player registers or come with a bonus package. These features let you try out certain games initially without you having to pay anything.
  • Free Plays: Free plays are exactly what it sounds like. Players get to try out a game for free. However, these have to be used within a specific time frame otherwise they will expire.
  • Cashback: Cashbacks are given as a condolence to players to cover their losses. This is also time bound, so players will only be compensated if they lose within a certain time and not after that.

Claiming your No Deposit Bonus


Not all casinos are the same. Different casinos may have different processes that you have to follow to claim your No Deposit Bonus. Some may require you to enter a code in the cashier section to claim and withdraw your bonus while others may need you to actually call one of the representatives of said casino to claim it. For the latter, contact the casino support. Casinos that need you to enter a code usually will have the code right next to the bonus.

The promo code may be added to your account automatically depending on the software that is being used by the casino. In addition to that, the player must also be familiar with the casino’s bonus terms and conditions. It’s not a secret that online casinos are out there to make money. So it’s obvious they’d want to make it as hard as possible for you to take that money from them by winning.

This is why it is of utmost importance that you read the bonus terms and conditions before you start your credits and bonuses in order to avail them without getting caught in a loophole.


No Deposit Bonus is a tried and trusted method to attract players that casinos have been implementing for years. Simply because it works as an incentive. The ability to check out a game or an online casino without having to shell out anything from your own pocket is enticing to anyone.

Neither of the parties really lose anything here. Casinos implement ways to ensure the No Deposit Bonus scheme cannot be abused. They do so by not letting players instantly cash out the bonus and enforcing a minimum number of wager requirement before becoming eligible to withdraw. And players get a free chance to try out some games and see how they like it before coming back for more. It not only provides them with a sense of security but if the players end up having a good time, they may be converted to repeated visitors who keeps coming back for more, but this time with their own money. It is a win-win, literally!

9.8/10 £100 + £88 No Deposit T&C Apply +18
7.8/10 £150 +£10 No Deposit T&C Apply +18