Street Fighter 2 Slot Review

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NetEnt is transporting you back to the arcade era in its new ‘video slot meets video game’ kind of game – Street fighter II: The World Warrior. A classic to most video games aficionados, the popular 1991 video game has been rebuilt into an entertaining slot game that’s already the talking point of the year with so many slot players.

The team behind Street fighter II: The World Warrior online slot has really tried making this new offering as interactive as the original game. It offers you the option to pick which of the renowned street fighters from the original game that you would like to represent you on the reels. After that, you are set to battle your way to becoming the ultimate street fighter in this homage to arcade games.

Why Street Fighter II? The game doesn’t have a fixed RTP value. You’ll be playing with an RTP of between 96.02% and 96.08% depending on the character you pick for your gameplay.
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Street Fighter II in Brief
Software: NetEnt
Type: Videoslot
Reels: 5
Paylines: Cluster Pays
Total Coins: 20
Coins Range: £0.20 - £700
RTP: 96.06%
Bonus Round Yes (3)
Free Spins/Multiplier: Yes/ (2x-10x)

Where to play Street Fighter II?

₹100,000 T&C Apply +18
₹15,000 +30 Extra Spins T&C Apply +18
₹10,000 +50 Extra Spins T&C Apply +18

Why This Slot

Remarkably faithful to the original video game that inspired it, with characters performing their signature moves and the background taken from the original game, we can say that Street Fighter II slot makes for one of the most entertaining releases for 2020. Other releases from NetEnt such as Super Striker, Disco Danny and Hotline 2 are quite interesting, but this one stands out from the pack with its accurate representation of the original game.

It also features some amazingly unique in-game features. To start with, you’ll be playing over the standard 5 reel, 5 rows and 25 paylines. This is pretty common in most of the NetEnt slots. However, what makes it stand out is the fact that the lines are determined by the cluster plays. As for the volatility, Street Fighter II has a medium-high volatility, which can change depending on the fighter you pick.

There’s also a unique ‘insert coin’ gamble bonus game that also has its own RTP. When playing this game, you’ll have high RTP numbers of between 98.7% and 100%! You read that right, 100% RTP! It couldn’t get any better!

Play Street Fighter 2 Slot for Free & Review

When it comes to the graphics, sounds and theme, Street Fighter 2 online slot has been absolutely faithful to the original arcade game. You can play it across all NetEnt casinos for free. But before doing that, this detailed review is about to take you through all the in-game features.

The Best Online Casinos for Playing Street Fighter 2

With Street Fighter 2 slot, NetEnt has decided they were going to release the game  by 21 May 2020. It’s something that they achieved to accomplish and players can enjoy this game at the recommended online casinos.

Why these casinos?

  • In addition to offering Street Fighter 2 slot, they also feature plenty of NetEnt new releases
  • If you are not a big fan of NetEnt, you can as well enjoy plenty of other slots from other renowned software providers
  • There are also other games besides slots, which are offered in different varieties and formats
  • UK players and players from other European countries are accepted. Currencies used in these countries are also supported

Street Fighter 2 Topic

There’s no denying the fact that the fondly remembered arcade game has inspired a whole bunch of upgrades, sequels – and even a movie starring Kylie Minogue. Still, it’s NetEnt’s sequel to its original game – Street Fighter – that will probably hold a special place in most gamers’ hearts. This is because this Capcom’s button-mashing fight simulator gives players a note-perfect depiction of the classic arcade game.

Just like in the legendary video game, Street fighter II: The World Warrior online slot unfolds in a number of battles for the title of World Warrior Champion. When the game fires up, a Player Select screen pops up, inviting you to pick from one of the eight (8) characters. Dhalsim, Guile, Zangief, Chun Li, E. Honda, Ken, Ryu and Blanka are all represented. FYI, Ryu! Chun-Li! Zangief! E Honda notoriously famous hand slap attack is featured in the game, and so are the different fights.

Whoever that you don’t pick comes back as your random individual opponent in the game. Punch by punch, blow by blow and kick by kick, the battle carries on until either the opponent or player’s health is reduced to zero.

Take on to the screen and win your battle to receive the pricey Beat the Boss Free Spins. Once in it, fight your way through the four boss levels to receive different payouts depending on the number of multipliers awarded. If you are lucky enough to reach the highest possible level, you’ll have the opportunity to tackle the fiendish M Bison…

If not, you’ll still have the opportunity of landing yourself big wins with the game’s high value symbols. Each of these symbols represents a winning that will award you a point. Accumulate at least seven points to trigger the rewarding Wild Combo feature that will award you a kick-ass payout. Curious on how it does this? Read the next section of this Street Fighter 2 review.

Just when you thought you’ve had it all, a mysterious ‘hidden’ bonus round can randomly be triggered. This gives you full control of your character, where you get to unleash his skill by smashing a car or smithereens.

How to Play Street Fighter 2 Slot

To kickstart your gaming experience in the Street Fighter 2 video slot, you are required to pick your fighter. This is the first step in the game and as already stated, you can expect all the characters from the original Street Fighter video game. Once you are content with your player, you should proceed as follows in order to place your bet:

  • Pick your bet amount. The amount starts from a low of €0.20 up to a maximum of €700 per spin. This huge difference is meant to ensure players of all preferences get to enjoy the game
  • To pick your bet amount, just click on the coins button located next to the ‘Bet’ section and select your amount
  • Once you are satisfied with your bet amount, click on the spin button to get the reels spinning

There’s an autoplay button that lets you pick between 10 and 1000 auto-spins. This feature relieves you off the duties of spinning the reels manually

Mobile Street Fighter 2 Slot

Due to the nature of smartphones and mobile interaction in our day to day lives, online slot games such as Street Fighter 2 have a significant advantage over the classic slot machines. While you had to visit the arcade centers to enjoy the original Street Fighter game, NetEnt has changed that with this new release. Now, it is very possible for you to engage in a quick fight over lunch or in between meetings.

The mobile Street Fighter 2 slot has been fully optimized for play across all devices and platforms. Whether you have an Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry Powered device, you can play this game in its full glory. The graphics, animations and other features are fully retained in the mobile device, making the game enjoyable to play.

Symbols and Bonus Features in Street Fighter 2

There’s plenty to look forward to as you play Street Fighter 2 slot online. In fact, in-game features are ready to start as soon as you’ve selected your fighter. To make these features a success and varied, NetEnt has included different symbols, each having a different purpose.

As stated severally, there are 8 (eight) different fighters representing each country. These fighters will affect your gameplay on a sliding volatility scale starting from a low of ‘win often’ to ‘win big’. It goes without saying that picking the winning big option will see a high volatility, which results into big wins, coming in less often. The symbols section elaborates more on this.


Street Fighter 2’s exceptional maximum win can be achieved through your bet size and progress. Maximum multipliers are set at 120X your bet for defeating the Bosses. There are also 12 high value defeat and 12 high value victory symbols. The game also features 4 low paying symbols, which constitute of card symbols A, K, Q and J.


You are bound to come across three in-game features/bonus games in Street Fighter 2. These bonus games start off with battles, which have two outcomes – you either win or lose. If you win, the game’s ‘Beat the Boss’ free spins game is activated. However, if you lose, you are automatically redirected to the Car Smash bonus game.

  • Choose Your Challenger

There’s a list of eight (8) playable characters to pick from, namely Zangief, Guile, Chun Li, Dhalsim, Blanka, E. Honda and Ryu. There’s also a unique Wild Combo ability bestowed to each character. For instance, Zangief awards two stacks of horizontal wild symbols, which appear randomly on the reels, while Ryu’s Wild ability randomly places wilds on the same reel.

For those who are new to online slot gaming, Wilds are symbols that have the special power of replacing all the other symbols in the game to form winning combinations.

In Street Fighter 2 Slot, the fighter’s wild combo ability is activated once you’ve filled the Wild’s gauge. The gauge is automatically reset before the start of each spin and is filled once high value symbols are landed on the reel. Once the gauge is filled by at least seven points, it will activate the character’s Wild Combo each time there’s no winning combination on the reel

  • Car Smash Bonus Game

This bonus round gives you a chance of redeeming the honour lost, after losing during the main bonus game after which you receive some free coins.

Once activated, you are tasked with the responsibility of destroying a car. You can do this through the character that you selected and who you have full control of through the on-screen character panel.

If you are successful in destroying the car, you are automatically awarded with coins equivalent to 5-15x your original stake. The winnings are automatically credited to your account after which you are taken back to the base game. Here you are expected to pick a new fighter or you can opt to stick to your hero!

  • Beat the Boss Bonus Game

This is the equivalent of free spins game in Street Fighter 2 Slot game. It’s a rather tricky game to trigger as you need to beat your competitor in the base game. Once this is achieved, you progress to four mini-levels, which have their own unique bosses. You need to beat each one of them to receive the different multipliers attached to them. The four bosses include, ranking from the lowest to the highest:

  • Balrog – He’ll award you a 2x multiplier
  • Vega – He’ll award you a 3x multiplier
  • Sagat – Comes with a 5x multiplier
  • Bison – He is the ultimate challenge and awards a hefty 10x multiplier

It’s also worth noting that overcoming Bison will ensure that you are awarded an extra bonus of 100x your bet.

Is that all that there is to know about the Beat the Boss bonus game? Not really!

If you fail to beat your boss, there’s a chance of redeeming yourself through the ‘Insert Coin Gamble’ game. Opting to activate this game will offer you an opportunity to redeem yourself against the current boss – but at an extra cost of losing some of your winnings as the token.

Street Fighter II Play for Free

This sounds a little bit complicated or vague? Don’t worry! NetEnt has included the free to play option in the Street Fighter 2 slot. Through this, you get to play Street Fighter 2 absolutely free while enjoying all the real money features. This way, you get to familiarize yourself with the game’s rules, including setting the right amount of cash, picking the right fighter, among other things. Once you feel ready to commit some real money, you can then switch the play to real money mode.

As usual, the free to play Street Fighter 2 slot doesn’t offer you any real money winnings. However, the payouts depicted on the screen represent what you’ll expect if you were to commit real cash.


NetEnt’s Street Fighter 2 slot is visually and sonically appealing because it’s basically the same as the classic Street Fighter arcade game, with a gambling twist added to it. All the players, villains and heroes alike, that were popularized in the arcade game are back and undeniably will take you down memory lane.

Some many argue that the graphics are rather outdated and unclear, but if NetEnt were to update these graphics, the game would lose the original appearance of Street Fighter.

There are also plenty of in-game bonus features, which may cause some confusion at first but after taking the game for a few spins, you’ll get the hang of it within no time.

Yes, Street Fighter 2 may not be every player’s cup of tea, and if you prefer playing uncomplicated and straight up games, then you may not enjoy playing it. But if you like a game with interesting twists and turns, then you should give it a spin.

Where to play Street Fighter II

9.2/10 ₹100,000 T&C Apply +18