Here is the latest Casumo Challenge!

The Casumo Casino Challenge goes Miami Vice

Casumo Challenge Miami

Spin yourself all the way to M-i-a-m-i with Casumo, …welcome to Miami!!!

Now it`s the perfect time to play your favorite casino games at Casumo to hunt for big wins and jackpots while completing exciting missions! You ask yourself why? Casumo brings you now the ultimate Casino Challenge, so get ready to collect flashy rewards and start competing against other Casumo lovers. Did you know that you can do all this at the same time? YEEESSSS, the Casino Challenge at Casumo makes it possible and there are huge cash prizes up for grabs and not to mention an fascinating dream holiday to Miami!

Here it is: Dress up like Sonny Crockett, swallow a super chill pill and get yourself ready to jump into an innovative Casumo Mission. “This will rock your chair!”


This is how you get started in the casino challenge:

  1. Open an account at Casumo
  2. Choose between the Easy, Medium or Hardcore challenge levels
  3. Play your favorite games and complete the casino challenge (as often as you want)


Start playing and enjoy endless casino fun at Casumo!

  • Complete casino missions to progress in the challenge
  • Remember: Least spins will win
  • Aim to finish in the top 30 and win cash prizes or a trip to Miami
  • Challenges for all levels are available
  • Guaranteed prizes along the way
  • You can play as many times as you wish


Promotional Details

WhatWhenWhoLevels / Top Prizes
Casino Challenge by Casumo
18th May – 9th June
Everyone who has a Casumo account can participate
Easy €800
Medium €1,500
Hardcore Trip to Miami + €4000 cash

Any player that lands in the top 30 wins great cash prizes (the cash prizes are not subject to any wagering requirements). The Casumo promotion is simple, the higher you rank the better your prize will be!



Play games, complete missions and collect rewards

It’s time for yet another exciting Casino Challenge at Casumo. The latest promotion of Casumo brings you great cash prizes and a dream holiday! Your job is to complete several casino missions with as little spins as possible. The Top 30 Casumo players in each of the 3 challenges will win amazing cash prizes straight into their pocket and one lucky player will win a trip of a lifetime to Miami worth €6.000 + €4.000 in pocket money.

Missions Details
Total Spins Spin x number of times in any slot to the mission
Total Wins Win x number of times in any slot to complete the mission
Total Wins in Row Win x times in a row in any slot to complete the mission
Total Big Wins Collect x number of Big Wins to complete the mission
Total Mega Wins Collect x number of Mega Wins to complete the mission


Challenges for all levels

There are three different levels in the Casumo Challenge: Easy, Medium and Hardcore. They all have different bet ranges and prizes and you should choose the one that fits your own bet range. How long it takes to complete the challenge depends on what type of player you are. Some people complete the challenge within hours or days whilst others need more time.


Least spins wins

There are 5 types of missions; spin x times, win x times, win x times in a row, get x big wins & get x mega wins. Completing certain missions unlock rewards that are lined up along the way, and the ones who complete the challenge in the least amount of spins can win an amazing dream trip to Miami, worth €6.000, including a juicy pocket money
of €4.000.


Casumo Challenge Leaderboard

The Casino Challenge Leaderboards are showing the current lists of players who have completed the challenge in the least amount of spins. The leaderboard is updated continuously as players complete their challenges. Not happy with your score? Then give it another go! You can play the challenge you’ve chosen as many times as you wish before the 7th May without risking your score. Casumo will save your best result.


You can follow the Casumo challenge on Facebook

Daily leaderboard updates and the winners will be posted on Facebook here. Here you will also find exciting competitions, game news, and interesting updates from the world of Casumos!



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